West All Saints Street Project


The West All Saints Street Project will become 12 units of affordable housing on a land trust property. This project will cost approximately $3,000,000 and projected completion is in 2023, making this the most significant project Frederick Habitat has ever undertaken.

The historic properties at 100, 104, and 108 West All Saints Street have sat empty for more than 20 years. They can be recognized by the mural of sunbeams and families in windows that can be seen on Ice Street. Most people see these as unwanted, blighted properties costing the owner and City of Frederick money, asking for unsavory activities, and bringing property values in the neighborhood down. But Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County sees them as an opportunity to build strength, stability and self-reliance with families who will THRIVE in the neighborhood.

To find out more and learn how YOU can help, check out this West All Saints Street Project Prospectus.

Ready to make an impact today? Make a donation here and enter “West All Saints Street” in the memo line to ensure your gift goes directly toward the costs of this project, OR mail your donation along with this All Saints Pledge Form.

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