Home Builds

Habitat for Humanity is best known for its home build construction. In this program, staff and volunteers work alongside qualified home buyers as they build their own home. When construction is complete, the new homeowner purchases their home through a commitment fee and a low-interest rate loan, making it affordable for their budget.

Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County builds homes throughout the county.

Applicant Eligibility

To qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home, one must:

  1. demonstrate a need for safe, affordable housing,
  2. currently live or work in Frederick County (for a minimum of one year), and
  3. have a total family income between 30% and 80% of Frederick County’s median income. See the below chart for qualifications.

Based on the concept of partnership, Habitat for Humanity commits to working with the local community to build houses and sell them to qualified buyers with a low-interest mortgage. In turn, Habitat for Humanity home buyers contribute “sweat equity,” attend homeownership workshops, follow program guidelines and repay their mortgage.

If accepted into the Home Build program, a $500 commitment fee will be required at the time the letter of approval is signed.

Sweat Equity

The Home Build program requires Habitat for Humanity home buyers to contribute “sweat equity” toward their own home.  All adult (18 years and older) members of the household must contribute a combined 300-500 hours of “sweat equity” before the purchase of the home.  Family size determines the total number of required hours.

However, no construction experience or physical ability is required. Habitat for Humanity works with all partner families to train them in new skills within their abilities so that our homeowners can be successful in completing their sweat equity!

To be considered for the Home Build program…

Partner Family Request Brochure

Click here to fill out an online interest form.

Selected homeowners partner in the construction of their home through “sweat equity,” helping to make their dream of homeownership a reality.

To be considered for an upcoming home build, complete the interest form and return it to info@frederickhabitat.org or mail to:

Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County, MD
24 S. Wisner Street, Suite 130
Frederick, MD 21701

Habitat for Humanity Frederick
24 S. Wisner Street, Suite 130
Habitat for Humanity Frederick
Frederick, MD 21701
Habitat for Humanity Frederick
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